Upclose and Personal with Ameeta Kulal

By Ameeta S Kulal on 6th Jul 2017

Mumbai based model, Ameeta went through a lot to reach her dream of an actor. “Life has always remained a struggle” stated the bubbly young actress of sandalwood town riding her lane back to square one. So let us see what Ameeta had for us :

So what can you recollect about the beginning of your glamour journey ?

Well from the beginning of my career I, wanted to become a model so I, started modelling from when I was just sixteen . Then gradually I found my keen interest in acting so that’s how I, landed into where I, am today.

How were the initial days ?

It has always been a struggle, even today or tomorrow it’s always a struggle to practise hard each day in way to attain perfection. So, that’s what I believe in but indeed I have given a lot of efforts to come this far.

Would you like to tell us about your first on-screen project ?

I did a Bollywood music video called, ‘Jhankaar’ where I got an opportunity to work with Ganesh Acharya along with Arun Prasad . It was a very different and enriching experience to work with such people .

What made you grab your first film ?

To be true I, am a self learner, I have no mentor or godfather in the industry who would have guided me , even few years before I was not even aware of terms called ‘auditions’, ‘portfolios’ so what really helped me was being a go getter. Surfing the net I got to know about a platform called Filmysphere that helped me connect to my director, they shared a snippet of the script with me I enacted and sent the video and that’s how I got my first break in the industry. My first film was ‘Happy Journey’ a horror suspense tucked with murder mystery .

Your upcoming film, ‘Aa Eradu Varshagalu’ has been doing the rounds of late. So what would you like to share with us ?

‘Aa Eradu Varshagalu’ is directed by Madhusoodhan, who has already given us top ranking mega serials like Pallavi Anupallavi, Milana, Anuroopa and others so working with him in itself was a great feeling for me. We recently had the audio launch ceremony, each and every song are fresh and melodious since it’s a love story.

What’s your family’s take on your career ?

Initially it was very difficult as my mother didn’t agreed on me getting into this industry and as both my mom and Dad are government employees so she wanted me to pursue something similar. Still I went through all odds and only my father remained as a constant support for me. My younger sister has also remained by my side and with passing days and time as they now watch me on television so somewhere they are proud of me.

What else we don't know about Ameeta ?

I love watching movies and I, am a big time foodie. I get inspired from a lot of films and few characters and few inspirations brought me to where I, am today .

‘Aa Eradu Varshagalu’ is really a film we all are looking up to and we wish the whole team along with Ameeta best wishes for it’s release.

Author : Riya C