In conversation with the Finesse team

By FilmySphere on 10th May 2016

Ankush Lath , Director of the Finesse team was all set to give us quick insights about their take on theatre. Let's see what he had to say :

Your play A comic Affair, 12 Angry Jurors, The Comedy of Errors have been quite a success. What have made them so big?

All the three scripts had a lot of punches. A Comic Affair was a collection of three short comic stories and The Comedy of Errors was a Shakespearean classic comic. 12 Angry Jurors was a thriller and intense play. The scripts played major roles and the storyline were interesting enough to bind the audience. However, as we say that the scripts should always be justified and backed by fine acting and direction, the actors were totally up to the mark to perform their roles. The direction was spot on with the requirements of the scripts and stage plays. Its very important to cast right actors in right role so we did that. There may happen that the best actor of a group may not fit in a particular role, so just cast him/her in some other role which he/she will fit in. We used the props very ideally and made sure that there are no unnecessary props just to fill the stage. We used the stage quite brilliantly to ensure that our stage positioning is totally in view area of the audience. These are certain things which everyone should take care of while performing.

Your upcoming play 'My fight for survival'-what is it all about?

My Fight for Survival is about a woman who has been very strong to face the challenges of her life. She takes all the troubles to earn bread and butter for her family but this never got acknowledged by her husband. On the contrary, she had to face the daily abuses, beatings and accuses for not staying at home and not showing enough love to her husband. Having being troubled a lot, she had to take a bold decision to come out of such trauma and then she lands up in a bigger trouble. The storyline is about the fight of a woman to survive. It shows that we may not want to take certain decisions in our life but we have to take to survive. It also reflects that what can a woman be upto if she has to take decisions to set things right.

Can you describe a busy 'Finesse Theatre week'?

The last two weeks before the play are usually very busy where we look to fine tune the performances and improvise as much as we can. Arrangements of the props and costumes. Statutory obligations where we have to pay taxes and take permissions for conducting the play. In short, in a busy week, we think, eat, smell, drink, talk, walk only about the play.

How are the responsibilities divided in the group?

I take care of the script, direction, casting and statutory obligations parts. Aswini takes care of the passes and posters designing and printing. Vijay takes care of the costumes of the male actors. Varsha takes care of the costumes of the female actors and make-up of all actors. Abhishek takes care of the rehearsal venues. Bharat takes care of inviting the Schools and Organisations.

What message would you like to give to the audience?

Theatre is a huge medium of revolution. Through our plays, we try to spread message about how we can make our society a better place to live in. For example, through My Fight for Survival, we want the society to know that women are not any form of tool in the hands of men. They are not meant to fulfill your desires may be of sex, work, money, so do not look upon women like that. They are the most beautiful creation of God and are equally respectable as men. Just imagine how underrated and unutilized the women resources have been in our society. The men are supposed to carry all the burden, rightly so, but if responsibilities are shared with women then such responsibilities shall be carried on in a better manner. Also that would lead to building the confidence of both men and women. Just to mention an incident during the casting of our play '12 Angry Jurors'. I had to take performing rights and buy original scripts of this play. The original script has 12 Male characters and it is named as '12 Angry Men'. Just because I have female actors in my theatre group and I do not want to keep them out of this play, I cast them in this play, renamed the play to '12 Angry Jurors' and modified the script accordingly to suit both male and female actors in it.