In conversation with Pandemonium

By FilmySphere on 10th May 2016

In conversation with a group of theatre enthusiasts on a Sunday afternoon...

“Pandemonium is our gun that can bloom thousand flowers together”-How can you justify this statement?

As we always say, we don't only act but react. We react through our acts basically. And our weapon is creativity. We want to bloom thousand innovative things with the help of Pandemonium.

How did the group start?

We started in September last year but before that we were planning and the visualising the concept for the past 1-1.5 years. All over the country beside mainstream we did a very a different concept. From there we grew into other forms of art. We started with street theatre and street music, painting and then we broke into proscenium and other various forms.

How many members did you start with?

The concept started with me and Abhijeet. But we had a lot of friends who shared the same idea like Arjun,Subhra -shared the same style of work, liked watching similar movies and from there we got connected

‘Bhuter Raja Dilo Bor’ what is it all about?

Bhuter raja dilo bor is a very special teaser for Gupi Bagha Returns. This time Gupi and Bagha are coming with three extra wish fulfilling chants (bor) gifted by the King of Ghost (Bhuter Raja). You will see how they use these three chants to help common people in our Gupi Bagha Returns.

Where do you want to see yourself 5 years down the line?

Art is all about infinity. We have our deadlines, aspirations which we are working on. 5 years down the line we really want to see pandemonium as an art collective working in the mediums of cinema, theatre and collaborating both. We have faced a lot of problems since we started in September but we have kept going on and 5 years down the line we want to work more smoothly.

Can you describe a very busy Pandemonium week?

Everyday there is a schedule, rehearsal and apart from this also since we are working on cinetheatre we have stage work and also have to look into technicalities. For our coming show we are also looking for sponsors and have no time to breathe also. No matter if we have a show or not it’s all about Pandemonium that we discuss. Life of Pandemonium is like a painter. A painter is not always commissioned to paint something, it’s like a lab where he keeps thinking of his work, our psyche is similar to that of a painter-we keep on constructing and deconstructing our plans.

Are you guys up to theatre workshops?

We do few personal workshops, concentration games communication games, speech and trust games among ourselves. In future we want to do workshops outside too. People are handicapped in many ways.We plan to do them after May.

Kolkata is saturated with theatre groups of different types. So how much of a struggle was it to get a firm foot here?

Kolkata’s association with culture goes back even to pre-independence days. Much path-breaking work has been done in Bengali theatre drawing wide acclaim from the world over. We have tried to evolve a new art form that is cine theatre. Theatre has a different space and cinema has a different space. In this art form we are trying to combine the two and bring them together on the same platform. We are trying to redefine the theatre scene by re-exploring the way theatre is being presently performed and trying to evolve new concepts and new dimensions. Obviously this takes time and we are happy that it is gradually gaining acceptation with the audiences in Kolkata.

“Cinetheatre is a very different concept”. How do you want to leverage on this idea?

Yes, Cinetheatre is a very different concept altogether. You will get to watch cinema and theatre together at the same place at the same theatre. We have bridged the time, space and communication of screen and stage. You must come to watch our production.

What message would you like to give to your audience?

The message that we want to give to our audience is through our work. The type of audience we get is really good and the encouragement was very overwhelming. Public wants entertainment and we want to reach out to all to provide them with quality entertainment. We don’t compare ourselves to Hollywood, Bollywood or mega serials but we appreciate audiences who watch good theatre.

Meghna Kothari