In conversation with Ankur Performing Arts

By FilmySphere on 11th May 2016

    A very young team that is growing too fast and grabbing audience is "Ankur Performing Arts". We took them down the lane of their journey and got to know few interesting insights.

    How did the group come into being? How many members did you start with?

Most of us are any how related with Patha Bhavan, this school has a massive cultural impact on everybody related with it. After leaving the school we were missing that ambience, to get into that feeling we were searching a platform. Suddenly it came to our mind what if we make that platform for ourselves. While building this group we tried to make this group not only a theatre group or dance group, for which we have both wings, theatre along with dance.
On our very first show we had 16 members. That day we got help from our many friends to put up a successful show, who were not members. Now we have 25 members in our group.

    Tell us something about your most famous plays and the play you have performed a repeated number of times.

A group of just one year can’t judge their single play as the famous one. We have performed “Rakter Dag” twice, which was scripted on the basis of famous old story of Byomkesh, written by Sharandindu Bandopadhyay. Now on the upcoming show of 20th May we are going to perform “Sadharon Meye” a dance theatre and “Bhushandir Mathe”, which will be our repeat show for both.

    You had set up the entire stage for your play ‘Bhushandir Mathe’ all by yourself. Can you tell us a bit about the experience?

Yes we made all the set of “Bhushandir Mathe” by ourselves, it was quite an achievement. None of us had the idea of making the set, but at last we did it. It was a tough job for us, but enjoyable also. We must admit that the team worked on the whole process, had really worked hard to make it possible. Setting up the entire stage build up the team to work together, this was more important for a new group like us.

    Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?

This is just our starting; we are not making strategies for after five years. But our basic moto is to create a good impression on the audience by the quality of the production. We may not perform frequently, but when we have the chance we will show what our capability is.

    Kolkata is saturated with theatre groups of different types. So how much of a struggle was it to get a firm foot in this industry?

The density of the theatre groups in Kolkata is really high, but we can see it positively, because of the more groups the theatre loving people is more. It makes take some time to come under the spotlight, but we want to make up our own base of audience between those times.

    Can you tell us about your upcoming play?

On20th May we are going to show case Sadharon Meye, Bhushandir Mathe, Nana Ronger Din (by AjiteshBandhopadhyay). Then our next project is MonojderAdbhut Bari which is written by famous writer ShirshenduMukhopadhyay. It is a comedy thriller. We try to do projects based on Bengali literature.

    Since all of you are students or working professionals so how do you schedule your rehearsals?

Love and passion for theatre brings us together. We try to keep Sundays blocked for Ankur, but when the show knocks on the door we have to reschedule our rehearsals and our other works accordingly.

    What message would you like to give to your audience?

Message to the audience: you may not hear about us, but now hear from us. Just come to our shows and enjoy. We know, next time you will bring your friends.ENJOY THEATRE.

Author : Meghna Kothari