In conversation with actress Pavitra

By FilmySphere on 12th Apr 2016

Pavitra is creating quite a buzz in the Sandalwood Film Industry as of now and her upcoming film 'Yashogaathe' is buzzing headlines now. So here's a conversation about Pavitra and her upcoming film :

How the filmy career started ?

I was never so much keen on coming to limelight but one thing I, was sure of that no matter what happens I won’t study as I always involved myself into cultural activities and sports from my school life and somehow tried to find an arena of work where the very customary study ethics won’t be there and that’s how I got into acting classes for the very first time. When I used to attend those classes most of my friends were into television and somehow that also triggered me to make a firm foot in the industry and then during my college days offers started coming.

How was your experience as a debutant ?

Ka directed by Sai Krishna is my debut film but before it’s release only I got another offer for ‘Mareyaalare’. It was great to work with Sai Krishna as he is the son of Om Sai Prakash , who directed more than 100 films, so it was a great learning experience for me.

Would you like to tell us about your upcoming film?

Well at present I, am working on two projects ‘Mareyalare’, directed by Sharath Kadhri, of which the audio has already released and the overall response ie being good. Another one is Yashogaathe directed by Vinod Raj, in which I play the role of a typical married young girl as the story is about independence and problems associated with women when their husbands go out on freedom movements.

How supportive your family has been for you ?

My mother has always been supportive to all my works and it’s kind of my nature to not to tell them anything until the full work is done and the results are also out. So my first film I told about it only when the photoshoot was done and promotions were going on . It was never so convenient for me to go and talk to my father as somehow the orthodox views sustained but after my first film , now my parents have gained a lot of confidence in me and my works and my mom motivates me always to grow more as an actor.

What would be your dream project like ?

Vinod Jai Raj is my favourite director no matter how many films I do, always I would like to work with him. His nature towards the actors and the kind of environment he prevails during the shoot is really interesting and for me Films are not just entertainment but a good script can make a person forget their stress and melancholy and enjoy a certain moment of happiness and togetherness. So such kind of projects I would love to do that talks of fantasy.

What message you have for your audience ?

Well, first of all my heart full of gratitude for them and my kind request to them is please come and watch the films, as we are working for you and if you are not enjoying then a work means nothing to us. There’s a lot of hard work put into films and the hard work pays off with the sound of applause.

Author : Riya