Dhulikona and their Views on Theatre

By FilmySphere on 13th May 2016

Dhulikona shared their views and ideas on Theatre and the very life of theatre artists.

How the team was formed and when?

We were college students at that time, and some of us were working in elderly theater groups, over there we faced kind of discriminations based upon age, our opinions were neglected, and they were left to perish... So we thought of a group where every members opinion would be counted, we would present something fresh in a different way, that made us open the gate on April 10, 2013... And dhulikonas were formed.

What kind of response you received after staging your first play?

Our very first play made us walk through this long 3years,and will make it years afterwards... This is the best response we have received till now, after staging our very first play

Who are the core members of 'Dhulikona'?

Core members of DHULIKONA'S-

Prasanta Ghosh Roy,
Kaberi Ghosh
Tubai Das
Subhendu Das
Sumit Mandal

How challenging it is to follow your passion and form a theatre group in a city that's saturated with theatres?

It's good that we live in a city where a great amount of Theatre activities can be found, and at the same time it's harmful because it can easily distract someone, but after watching every play, we tried to find everything that was good about that play and tried to make something beautiful out of it.... And if we talk about general complications like family problems, economical problems, that is a problem that will be faced by everyone who loves to create

Any memorable moment that you recall from the day you started till today?

When we planned to stage Kolkata's very first human shadow drama we felt that this is going to be big... And when we staged it the second time we received our first standing ovation from audience, that is a moment what we would love to cherish

Tell us a bit about your upcoming venture

We are planning to make a different kind of Theatre on a palace at North Kolkata, and few good plays are on line.We are organizing our first annual Theatre festival NATUKEPONA on 21,22 May at Jogesh Mime Academy,five Theatre groups will be performing over there and a game show is organised and we are also coming with an art fair named Buzzer...

What change you would like to bring in Theatre industry of India?

If we talk about changes, we wish to stage Theatre at abstract locations and we want to make a place for the youth theater groups, so that they don't feel discouraged.