Narayana Saw Me

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    Narayana Saw Me is an Indian Kannada Short Film. Narayana Saw me’ is titled, stimulated by the real name of ‘Pranaya Raja’ Srinath. i.e., ‘Narayan Swamy’ which is the name of the character too in this film, who is a retired person whose best friend is his Radio & his Umbrella.

    When he starts looking for slight attention & caring, but realizes that no one can understand his feelings and continues his daily routine by taking a walk in the Park, he accidentally meets a school kid and their bonding builds when Narayana Swamy gets excited by looking at the kids Pocket watch. In a motive to win the watch from the kid, he tries to be good to him and helps the kid in all that he wants.

    One fine day Narayana Swamy seeks favor from kid to accompany him to an Exhibition(Fun Fair) and enjoy a day out and later that night drops him to his house promising for getting Rave unde(sweet) the next day.

    On a fresh day, Narayana Swamy gets the sweet box & waits for the kid at the park, but the kid never turns up. Being frightened by his park friends, Narayana Swamy goes in search of the kid & his innocence.
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