ABOUT 99doing

We're a young company that is dedicated to making entertainment simpler for everyone. We bring creative professionals and users together on the same platform.

For our users : Our goal is simple - when you want to find a information of Movie, TV Shows, Plays, Short Film and Creative Professionals which includes Actors, Musicians, Photographers and more, we want you to come to us. Simply put - we are personalizing the entertainment based on your preference.

For our creative professionals : We made it really, really simple for creative professionals to create a blog and put whatever they want on it. Photos, Videos, Audio, Text, Links. 99doing is 13,268 different microsites, of Movies, TV Shows, Plays, Creative Professionals.
You can also sell tickets for your Events.


To organize the world's entertainment information, make it easily accessible to people and also personalize their experience.


Soon after 99doing was launched, the company secured Investment by an Angel Investor which marked the company's first round of funding in April 2014.